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Please Note:  While we try and respond to all enquiries within 7 working days, we regret that due to the high number of booking requests that we receive, we are not able to follow up on every enquiry made to the Trust with a formal quote for hire.  We reserve the right to prioritise quotations by the date, size and complexity of the event during busy periods. No booking is secure and no agreement will exist between the Trust and any Third Party until a contract and full terms and conditions are signed by both parties and all hire fees and other charges due in connection with an event are paid in full.  Any enquiry, discussion or correspondence regarding a booking should not be taken to assume confirmation of an agreement. The Trust reserves the right, pre and post-contract, to vary or cancel hires without becoming liable or any loss, damage or inconvenience suffered by the Hirer or any other person as a consequence of the cancellation or variance.  Cancellations are rare but occasionally necessary.

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