How We Programme

Programming and Hires at Shoreditch Town Hall

Programming at Shoreditch Town Hall falls primarily into three categories:

• Commercial Event Hires (conferences, large-scale events, filming, rehearsals etc.)
• Large-scale Live Music and Comedy Gigs (in the Assembly Hall)
• Curated Artistic Programme

Commercial Event Hires
If you would like to talk to us about hiring the Town Hall for a commercial event, please refer to the Events Pages on our website here where there are details of all our spaces. To enquire about availability and rates, please submit the Online Booking Request Form in the first instance and one of our Events team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Large-scale Live Music and Comedy Gigs
If you are interested in talking to us about larger scale comedy or music events (primarily in the Assembly Hall) then please contact us at with as much information about your event as possible. Please read about our Assembly Hall here before getting into contact in order to ensure that this space is the right one to explore for your event

Curated Artistic Programme
Since 2012, Shoreditch Town Hall has steadily established itself as a vibrant, non-traditional arts space, with a focus on ambitious, inspiring theatre and performance and the development and nurturing of talented artists – especially emerging theatre and performance innovators. We like to encourage greater exploration and experimentation from artists and creatives, supporting the development of new performance, with our spaces themselves being reinvented or becoming an integral part of the work. And we like to give audiences surprising, transformational and unique experiences, ones they can’t have anywhere else – with work sometimes complete or often in development. As a non-traditional, multi-space venue we are particularly keen to make an active and meaningful contribution to the development of site specific / responsive work that cuts across theatre, performance and/or installation – aiming to make the most of our spaces and our place on the cultural map of London as one of only a few non-traditional venues.

We are still a developing and growing organisation, with limited resources and a small team, so we are not always able to respond to all unsolicited proposals or artistic programming suggestions – especially if it is not immediately clear why a piece or idea would be right for our spaces or programme. It is also worth mentioning that we don’t work on a traditional back-to-back programming structure for the same periods/weeks each month or year. Presented work can often fall roughly into Spring (Jan – July) and Autumn (Aug – Dec) but is very flexible. In terms of lead times, we tend to work six to nine months ahead with programming, though again, we remain flexible deliberately with some work on shorter or much longer timescales than that.

Artistic Residencies
The development of new work through artistic residencies is central to our artistic programme at Shoreditch Town Hall, with much of our programming stemming from work that artists have developed in the building over a period of time. Sometimes as much as 75% of our presented programme has come from artists, companies or work we are or have supported, made for and of our spaces.

Rehearsal space; producing, fundraising, marketing and technical support; support in the creative process; professional and industry advice and seed commission funds, are just some of the areas in which we can support artists in residence.

We also encourage artists to undertake work-in-progresses of what they’ve been developing at some point during an artistic residency providing that the work is at a stage where the artist feels comfortable exposing it in this way. Shoreditch Town Hall works closely with artists to determine the best format for their work-in-progress as well as the best audience, which can include creative collaborators and colleagues, industry professionals and/or the general public.

Recent artists in residence have included Abigail Conway, Analogue, Cartoon de Salvo, Chris Thorpe & Eva Magyar, Dumbshow, Greg Wohead, Ira Brand, Kandinsky, Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon, Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari, non zero one, On the Run, theatre O, Theatre Re and Will Dickie. Examples of where artistic residencies and work-in-progress showings have led to programming opportunities at the Town Hall include TOOT’s Be Here Now, China Plate and One Tenth Human’s We’re Stuck!, Ross Sutherland’s Party Trap and The Wardrobe Ensemble’s 1972: The Future of Sex.

Theatre and Performance Programming
Every show we have at Shoreditch Town Hall is part of a curated programme of artistic activity. In terms of theatre and performance we don’t hire our spaces for ticketed, public performances of work that hasn’t at some point been developed through and/or in consultation with Shoreditch Town Hall.

We programme a range of performance including theatre, dance, music, comedy, cabaret, circus and live art, for a range of audiences. We aim to programme work that is unique, bold and innovative, particularly work that can benefit from or respond to our varied non-traditional spaces. Work that’s being made in new and exciting ways. Work, on the whole, that has had little to no exposure in London.

As a rule we programme very little traditional script-based work, unless we are working with a specific partner, and whilst we are open to projects involving new writing, we generally do not have the capacity to read unsolicited scripts.

Separately to the artistic programme, as indicated above, we do hire our spaces for a range of other activity including large-scale events, conferences, filming and location shoots, community hires, rehearsals and castings, and so on. More information can be found here.

Starting a Conversation With Us About a Project
We’d very rarely start a conversation in regards to an artistic residency and/or programming at Shoreditch Town Hall without having seen the work of an artist live at some point before. The best way to start a relationship with us is to invite us to see your work, whether it be finished or work-in-progress. However before you do, please do consider whether your work is in line with what we get excited by at Shoreditch Town Hall based on what we’ve written in this document as well as on the type of work we’ve supported and programmed to date. You might like to get a sense of how we use our spaces here at Shoreditch Town Hall by coming along to see one of our upcoming shows, looking at previous seasons or by looking at our recent Annual Reports. Details on our programme can be found here. And you can view our Annual Reports here.

If you think your work is right for us then please do send your invite to us at

If you have no performances or work-in-progresses coming up then please write to us at the above address with information about your company, details of a project that you want to do, why you want to do it at Shoreditch Town Hall, and what support you require. If your project is something that we think would work at the Town Hall then we’ll arrange a meeting with you.

Please remember that if we can’t come to see your work on a specific occasion or don’t follow up an e-mail with a meeting then that isn’t necessarily the end to the conversation; please do keep us updated with all your work and future developments.

We look forward to hearing from you!

‘The increasingly essential Shoreditch Town Hall . . . filling the gap in non-traditional performance spaces in London.’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian