Krindlekrax (Rehearsed Reading)

Followed by a Q+A and book signing with Philip Ridley
Council Chamber £2

A legendary creature. Part crocodile, part dragon. A creature that emerges at night when everyone sleeps…

Ruskin Splinter dreams of being the hero in the school play. But when it comes to auditions Ruskin - small and squeaky voiced - is no match against the tall and deep voiced bully-boy, Elvis.

However something much worse than Elvis is terrorising Lizard Street. Something that is making holes in the road and cracking the pavement… Ruskin realizes he must become a real hero to save the street and all his neighbours. He must face the mysterious monster that roams the sewers: Krindlekrax!

Winner of the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize and WH Smith Mind-Boggling Book Award, Philip Ridley’s novel of the same name has captured the imaginations of children everywhere. This rehearsed reading is appropriate for ages 8-11.

This performance is a Rehearsed Reading of Krindlekrax followed by a Q+A and book signing with Philip Ridley.

Directed by Rupert Hands.

Casting to be announced soon.

The text for Krindlekrax is available from Puffin. Click here for more information. Krindlekrax illustration by Luke Pelletier.

Council Chamber £2
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