Open workshop |  Gillie Kleiman: Recreation

Council Chamber Free

In the early making of choreography Recreation we realised that it’s really nice to have other people in the room taking part in the exercises and trying out material with us. Just because the show is finished, we see no reason not to continue!

The people who came to earlier workshops told us that it was really nice to be there, that their opinions were valued, that it was well-facilitated, and that they got an insight into the work. They said that it was maybe a bit weird but also enjoyable and thought-provoking. 

We’ll start the session with a warm-up and introduction, which will be followed by a try-out of some of the material we’ve been developing. It is very much a continuation of the creation process we are undertaking, rather than a class or lesson of any kind, though the pedagogical merits can be discussed! At the end, there’ll be time for discussion and reflection.

FREE, open to all people (limited capacity, tickets must be booked)

Suitable for ages 18+

Running time: 3hrs

Please contact the reception on 020 7739 6176 before booking if you have any access requirements..

Image: Camilla Greenwell

Council Chamber Free
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