The Fastest Clock in the Universe (Rehearsed Reading)

Followed by a Q+A with Philip Ridley and the company. Chaired by Terri Paddock
Assembly Hall £6

We’re all as bad as each other. All hungry little cannibals at our own cannibal party. So f*ck the milk of human kindness and welcome to the abattoir!

In a strange room in East London, a party is underway. Cougar Glass is celebrating his ‘birthday’. He is nineteen years old…again. And to celebrate your ‘last year as a teenager’ as you are slipping into your thirties requires a lot of preparation: the cake has to be perfect, the cards have to be perfect, but the most perfect thing of all has to be the guest of honour. For it’s the guest of honour – Foxtrot Darling – who will bring the most precious gift of all. The gift Cougar would kill for…Youth!

Philip Ridley’s second play was his breakthrough work. It caused a sensation when it premiered at Hampstead Theatre in 1992, winning Ridley the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Most Promising Newcomer, the Meyer Whitworth Prize, the Critics’ Circle Most Promising Playwright Award and a Time Out Award.  It’s exploration of ‘metrosexuality’ and the ‘culture of youth’ was years ahead of its time, and it is now regarded as a contemporary classic.

In conjunction with the immersive double bill of Philip Ridley’s The Pitchfork Disney, his first play, and his latest work Killer, Shoreditch Town Hall present two rehearsed readings in celebration of Ridley’s thrilling and provocative career to-date.

This performance is a Rehearsed Reading of Philip Ridley's The Fastest Clock in the Universe followed by a post-show Q+A with Philip Ridley and company. Chaired by Terri Paddock.

Directed by Rupert Hands.

Casting to be announced soon.

The script for The Fastest Clock in the Universe is available from Bloomsbury Books. Click here for more information.

Assembly Hall £6
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