Theatre Re: From Actor to Mime (Workshop)

Led by Guillaume Pigé
Large Committee Room £200

In this five-day workshop, designed for professional and semi-professional performers, participants will immerse in Theatre Re’s vital approach to Corporeal Mime and explore the ability to change and transform.

The mime gives physical reality to ideas and emotions. He makes the invisible visible. From body articulation to counterweights, from dynamo rhythm to mobile statuary, participants will discover how to play their body like a violin, how to create movement in stillness and how to be ready for action.

This workshop will be valuable for actors and performers wishing to enhance their physical presence on stage, but also to anyone involved in the devised theatre where the actor is at the centre of the creation process.

Suitable for ages 18+

Running time: 7hrs each day

Guillaume Pigé is an actor, director, mime and magician. He formed Theatre Re in 2009 and is an Associate Teacher at R.A.D.A. He is regularly invited to give workshops in the UK and internationally. Apart from directing and performing in all Theatre Re’s productions to date, Guillaume worked as a Movement Director with Andrew Visnevski, Sue Dunderdale and Bill Gaskill.

Large Committee Room £200
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