DARE Festival 2017

The Ditch £8 (Fri); £11 (Sat)
Book Fri 29 September, 7pm
Book Sat 30 September, 2pm

Critically-acclaimed arts innovators Upstart Theatre present the second annual DARE Festival, bringing together artists and audiences from across London and beyond in an explosion of new and in-development performance. Inventive, unexpected, challenging and joyous, DARE Festival is a place for people to join together to make, discover, dream and play.

Lineup includes (all shows play Friday and Saturday):


Gripped by the Great Freeze of 1947, with wolf-whistling spivs and other predatory characters skulking round every corner, London could be a dangerous place for an unwary girl. Climb into Elizabeth Dearnley’s immersive installation – a bedtime story with bite.


What do you do when all hope is gone? Stay in? Go out? Nina’s love life coaching can help YOU out, but can she help herself? A new solo show performed by Rebecca Peyton (Sometimes I Laugh Like My Sister) and directed by award-winning Rebecca Hill.


Simon is pissed off at being in a pair with Dawit just because his parents are Eri. He doesn’t want to look like a freshy too. He’s got a reputation to protect. Anyway he can’t even speak Tigrinya. Segen Yosife’s new theatre piece combines text written by and with Eritrean performers and contributors, an equal opportunities game and traditional Eritrean hymns and dance.


Two Pale Ladies’ How to Cope with Embarrassment is almost a cabaret. It is also almost a comedy,  and almost a politically and socially engaged performance piece that explores a history of societal blackmail and emotional pressures.  But probably it is just a series of questions that we don’t have answers to.


In need of food for thought? Or food for the soul? Looking for exhilaration? Or a moment of contemplation? Wanting to recharge your batteries? Or wind down? Craving for a laugh? Or a cry? Or both? Enter Mueller and Malten’s Live Poetry Jukebox!

METAMORPHOSIS (after Kafka and Nabokov)

Gregor Samsa awoke from unquiet dreams to find that in his sleep he had turned into a vile and verminous insect.” Simon Watt’s new interpretation of Kafka’s masterpiece stars a live beetle and puts man and insect side by side.


In an age of information overload and non-stop media coverage of non-stop international tragedies, Marcelo dos Santos and Natasha Nixon’s Trigger Warning is a jet black comedy exploring the politics of ‘trigger warnings’. Can we protect audiences from real life? Should we?


Inspired by Eve professional wrestling, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, dance and clown. We will play fight for you. So you don’t have to. Wrestleladswrestle explores personal risk through the forgotten joy of play fights. Get down to your pants lads and let’s f*@£ing wrestle for freedom. From Jennifer Jackson, Simon Jones and Tom Hughes.

For more information and timings, visit the Upstart Theatre website.

Your DARE Festival ticket gains you admission to all performances and installations that day.

Friday 29 September: doors open 7pm, festival closes 11pm. Tickets £8
Saturday 30 September: doors open 2pm, festival closes 11pm. Tickets £11

The Ditch £8 (Fri); £11 (Sat)
Book Fri 29 September, 7pm
Book Sat 30 September, 2pm
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