Shoreditch Town Hall today publishes its 2015/16 Annual Report, with the new figures showing a marked increase in audience numbers and income.  As well as a continuing focus on the development of new, emerging artists, alongside work for and with the Hackney community, 2015/16 also saw the venue add live music and comedy to the artistic programme as well as larger scale theatre, including dreamthinkspeak’s ABSENT and  Kneehigh’s Dead Dog in a Suitcase .

Shoreditch Town Hall Director Nick Giles said today, “It’s been an incredible year for all of us at Shoreditch Town Hall.  Our artistic programme continued to grow, adding larger scale theatre, music and comedy, as well as a wide range of new work increasingly supported or commissioned by us.  Our building became more accessible and flexible than at any point in its history.  And we continued to develop our commercial hires and events business, crucial to underpinning everything we do as a non-revenue funded charity.”

“To give some context, four years ago there was no artistic programme, no thousands of audiences or participants engaging creatively with the building and we had neither the in-house facilities or technical kit to make a programme of theatre, music and public events possible.  With 2016 marking the 150th anniversary of Shoreditch Town Hall, it’s wonderful to now see the building as busy, full of life and as enjoyed as it’s ever been.”

The key achievements for the period included:

27,809 attendees for Shoreditch Town Hall’s artistic performance and creative learning programmes up 9,571 on 2014/15, with an average show capacity of 72%.

• Just under 2,000 performances of 50 programmed productions involving 934 performers and creatives, 14 world or UK premières, and 4 new commissions

111 artists, companies and arts organisations worked with and supported.

£589,244 of commercial and earned income (an increase of 14% on 2014/15).

35% of audiences and participants from within a 2-mile radius of the building.

£585,778 invested in production and technical infrastructure, including a new passenger lift and general refurbishment, bringing the total capital investment since 2012 to £2m.

3,676 engaging actively in creative learning and participation work.

83% of artistic programme comprised of work Shoreditch Town Hall has either supported or invested in.

• All this achieved with a core team of 15 members of staff.

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