In 2020, Shoreditch Town Hall will embark on a 3-phase capital and building development project over 2 years.

Having invested £2.3m into the capital development of the Town Hall since 2012, the next phase of our 10-year capital plan focuses on opening up the building, improving perception, and removing physical and psychological barriers to better engage with visitors, and strengthen our civic responsibility for communities in Shoreditch and beyond.

The Town Hall’s landmark building is one of our greatest assets, yet in a modern context it can feel imposing, closed and inaccessible. This project will address these issues through a multifaceted programme of works around four key themes:

1. Improving appearance and public perception: cleaning the building’s façade and repairing stonework; improving external doors, windows and signage; installing new external lighting (focusing particularly on animating the Tower).

2. Broadening access: reducing barriers by installing a ramp into the building to replace the existing, unreliable lift; improving Foyer entrance, lighting, signage and welcome desk; upgrading the gents and accessible toilets.

3. Creating public space: installing a café bar across the front, ground level of the building that will be open at least 6 days a week.

4. Enhancing work conditions: creating shared workspace for artists; improving staff office areas.

Reed Watts Architects are working with Shoreditch Town Hall on the delivery of this project, and Phase I has been generously supported by Backstage Trust.

To find out more information on these transformative building development plans, as well as ways in which you can support, please contact Julie Flavell Chief Executive Officer via or 020 7739 6176.