Friday 12 - Wednesday 24 December 2014


Fri 12 - Wed 24 Dec






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The Ditch

Oh my goodness, Santa is having a party in Shoreditch. He’s bringing his mates the Elves, and wants you and your bunch to come too… even if you’ve been naughty.

Kids, how do you fancy arm wrestling an elf, playing in the reindeer band and getting a present from the big bearded dude of kindness? Grown-ups, how about you sit back, sip a flagon of mulled wine, learn to make an igloo or try to stare out Mrs Christmas?

Come and join our rambunctious bun-fight of a Christmas party, that’s guaranteed to be the best time you will ever have in a basement with elves.

Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari of shunt and the shunt lounge, create their new Christmas adventure for families, following the ‘incredible and amazing’ Sleepover; the exciting Stander bank robbery show and the ‘wonderful’ Festival of Adventures.

Warning: Do not play the elves at dice or let the reindeers in. They have to stay on the roof because they keep guffing.

Commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall

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