Thursday 9 - Wednesday 22 April 2015


Thursday 9 - Wednesday 22 April





Running time

80 mins


Theatre & Performance


Council Chamber


It’s 2029. The first human mission to Mars disappeared without a trace. A reclusive Indian billionaire has funded Ghara I, a new attempt to achieve this dream.

In Siberia, two Russian brothers reconnect by driving a Lada Sputnik 1.3 in search of the birth of space travel.

At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Maartje holds onto a secret about her sister.

On Mars, Imke and Oskar, a young Dutch couple, are mysteriously separated.

Winners of a Scotsman Fringe First 2014, curious directive debut at Shoreditch Town Hall with a multimedia sci-fi thriller – a poignant tale of the first human mission to Mars. Pioneer shuttles you from the Garden of Eden to mission control and onto the surface of the red planet.

The Telegraph

"Restlessly intelligent theatre"

"curious directive have ignored all the rules…breathtakingly ambitious"

Production Images
Directed by

Jack Lowe

Made in collaboration with

Astrobiologist Dr. Lewis Dartnell (UCL)

A curious directive, Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Watford Palace Theatre co-production.

Tour supported by Arts Council, England and the Junction, Cambridge.

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