Thursday 1 - Wednesday 14 September 2016


Thu 1 - Wed 14 Sep





Running time

90 mins


Theatre & Performance


Assembly Hall


A woman lies awake. Pupils like pinpricks, skin saturated in sweat, the odd jerk of a muscle. She hasn’t slept for 3 months. She knows what is happening to her and there’s nothing she can do.

Francesca Trevisan’s body is discovered in her car in the North Sea. Her neighbours say she had been acting strangely. Her daughter and a doctor she has never met are left to discover what drove her to commit such an act. Set against the backdrop of an unfolding mad cow crisis, Cosima and Dr Graham go on a journey through history and a race against time to find the cause and cure of a rare disease before its commercial interest wanes.

Inspired by the extraordinary true story of a family cursed with a rare genetic disease that cruelly deprives members of sleep until they die, SLEEPLESS is a story that sits at the crossroads of two cutting edge areas of science: sleep research and prion theory, and begs the broader question: how do we decide the value of a human life?

SLEEPLESS is a new show from Analogue, one of the UK’s most exciting companies, who have developed a reputation for their visual performance style that combines powerful storytelling with rigorous scientific research.


An Analogue and Staatstheater Mainz co-production. Commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall. Supported by Arts Council England

Written by

Hannah Barker and Liam Jarvis

Directed by

Hannah Barker

Designed by

Anike Sedello

Lighting Design by

Jürgen Sippert

Sound Design by

Elena Pena

Video Design by

Christoph Schödel

Dramaturgy by

Jörg Vorhaben


Michael Cusick, Jake Ferretti, Andrew Quirbach, Leoni Schulz, Balvinder Sopal.

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