Wednesday 17 - Saturday 20 May 2017


Wednesday 17 - Saturday 20 May





Running time

70 mins


Theatre & Performance


Council Chamber

What if how I feel about the world and myself at 4am, what if that is the truth? What if I get killed in an avalanche and most people are slightly relieved that they now don’t have to read my novel? What if the only reason the plane is able to stay in the sky is because I am thinking really encouraging thoughts about the wings?’

A playful and unusual tale of fear, anxiety, and the idiosyncratic and frankly absurd strategies we employ to manage our sense of impending doom.

Join the residents of Fear Camp as they tackle their manifold neuroses with gleeful enthusiasm and complimentary in-flight drinks and snacks. What if the plane falls out of the sky? is a tender and giddily-told story about feelings we all recognise.

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