26 October 2023

A Top Of The Slops low-down with Miz

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On Friday 24 November the Top of the Slops, the UK’s first paid drag competition, will reach its titillating climax in our Assembly Hall! We wanted to know more about the competition and some of the weird and wonderful acts we will get to see, so we caught up with Miz, co-founder and producer of the messy, strange, and unique series.

What inspired you to create Top of the Slops?

There’s a massive appetite for alternative drag and we wanted to FEED it! We also wanted to create a space that enabled both new and marginalised performers to experiment, find their drag persona and discover new skills in front of the most supportive audience in London.

Can you tell us about your ambitions to ensure every contestant in Top of the Slops gets paid, and that nobody is eliminated across the competition?

There is an unhealthy culture of underpaying performers, particularly new ones so we wanted to address that. Keeping everyone in the competition means they all benefit from the full workshop nature of the series and from the same exposure.

How do you champion diversity in the competition?

We have a diversity quota in place from our application process, but mostly the audience do it for us! The community want to see drag that reflects the true diversity in London’s queer scene.

How has Top of the Slops boosted the careers of the performers who have taken part?

Slops alumni are out there and working, three from series 2 recently competed in the final of Lip Sync 1000 at The Glory, and all are working across drag and performance spaces. Many are producing their own shows and the maddest are competing in other competitions across London.

What is your favourite memory from Top of the Slops so far?

From giant shower gel bottles, to a healing workshop with King Herod, to a toxic relationship with an intestinal parasite, every week at Top of the Slops is crazy, and we can guarantee you’ll see something you’ve never seen before.

Find out more and book for Top Of The Slops: The Final on Friday 24 November by clicking here.

Looking forward to the grand final? Us too – and to get you even more excited here are the final 9 competitors of Top of the Slops 2023:

Sofa King Filthy – A sexy sofa cushion
Dad – The woke Dad of dreams.
Chivirika – Sexy and Filthy Queen
NyongBella – The belle of the bonkers leggy ball
Fanny Bleach – Batting for the North East
Trash Salad – Vegetables will be pulled out of orifices
Major Dom – Resident hunk
King Herod – healing through his own healing journey
Fabio Lezonli – Teaching us that stage magic is and always has been sexy

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