05 December 2018

Quick-fire Q&A with Scottee

Ahead of the highly anticipated return of Scottee’s infamous beauty pageant for fatties, Hamburger Queen, we had a quick chat with the man himself about the 24 bus, his mum, and creating a safe space to take up as much space as you like!

Hamburger Queen has been running since 2011 – can you us about where the idea came from?
I was on the back of the 24 bus and I saw a really brilliant fatty taking up as much space as they wanted, looking fierce and doing their makeup in a very public way. I wanted to go over and acknowledge them but felt like they might think I was taking the piss – I then knew I wanted to make something that meant I could tell fatties they were brilliant – Hamburger Queen was born!

What will make Hamburger Queen at Shoreditch Town Hall unique from previous pageants?
We’ve previously done it in small queer boozers across London. Queer, fat and radical culture is often pushed to the basement clubs, the dens, the make shift spaces – I want Hamburger Queen at Shoreditch Town Hall to own the space, be opulent and grand! Shoreditch Town Hall is one of the biggest and best art spaces in East London – what better way of showing London that we fatties are fantastic!?

What is your favourite Hamburger Queen highlight from previous years?
Theres been quite a few – how do you whittle down June Brown (Dot Cotton) talking about diets, Matthew Kelly saying “Tonight, Scottee, I’m gonna be…”, the contestant who cut his mouth and bled everywhere(!?), the dance routines, the chip confetti – its all one big blur of fat happiness!

You’ve got a super lineup of judges. Can you tell us who’s involved and why you’re excited to have them onboard?
Most importantly – my Mum! She has judged every contest since it began! She’ll be joined by head judge and brilliant fat activist and comedian Sofie Hagen, Gemma Cairney from the radio and television, Louise McSharry – my Dublin pal, fellow broadcaster and Grace F Victory – my internet guru. The judges need to be the right side of critical – Hamburger Queen is about love, of course there is only one winner but its the old cliché of ‘…taking part that counts’

What category do you think you’d win if you were to compete? Trend, Taste or Talent?
I love clothes, but I doubt I’d win the trend round – people go all out! Taste – I have no taste. Talent? Well I’ve done well this far in my career – but could I impress Sofie Hagen in 3 minutes? Not sure.

Hamburger Queen returns to Shoreditch Town Hall for one night only. See it Saturday 8 December, 7pm (Doors), 7.30pm (Start).

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