09 September 2021

Welcome to Take This Test

Take This Test… is an interactive, online experience, which you access via a website between Monday 4 – Wednesday 6 October.

We highly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for this experience, and that you use a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on an up-to-date operating system.

You can experience Take This Test on your own, or as a group gathered around one screen.

During the experience you’ll be asked questions, some of which are multiple choice, some of which require you to input text. There are video elements too, which will play automatically. You navigate through the experience using your mouse and keyboard, just like on any other website.

The duration depends on how fast you answer the questions, but we estimate it will take you 30-45mins. You can repeat the experience at any point during the time you booked for. The experience may differ each time.

Nothing that you input during the course of the piece will be saved, retained or shared by TalkShow or Shoreditch Town Hall.

Note that for ease of use, your answers will be saved locally in your browser. You will be able to delete them at any time and will be prompted to at the end of the experience.

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