Sometimes those pesky Crackles can muddle up our online sounds too. Here are some tips that can help you enjoy the show:

  • Make sure you're listening with headphones
  • Try and listen to the show in a quiet space
  • You can move around when listening, but you might find it helps to close your eyes
  • If you're using a phone or tablet, see if it has a 'Do Not Disturb' option to mute any notifications
  • If you do get a phone call or other notification, just press the play button again once you're done

If you're having problems, the below FAQs may help.

The page is saying that I need to log in?
I've logged in, but it's saying I don't have access?
When I press the play button, nothing happens / the playhead doesn't move?
When I press the play button, the playhead moves but no sound comes out?
Still stuck?

You'll need to log in to access this content; it's the same username and password that you used to buy your ticket.

Once you've logged in, you'll be automatically re-directed back to the show page. You can see if you're logged in by checking your name and e-mail is displayed in the top-right of the page.

If you have any issues, try refreshing or reloading the page.

We check to see whether or not you've bought a ticket for today's showings. If you haven't yet got a ticket, you can buy one here.

Tickets last for 72 hours from the start of the event; for example, if you booked for a Monday morning showing, you will be able to listen to the show until Thursday morning. If you need to listen to the show again after this time, you'll need to get another ticket.

Chances are your internet connection might be a bit slow, or it's dropped out temporarily.

Have a look at the loading percentage on the right; if it's stuck at 0%, you might have internet connection issues. If it's anything above 0%, you should be able to play it fine!

Make sure your device is connected to the internet, and try refreshing or reloading the page.

You've probably got your volume turned down or off. First, there's a little volume slider on the webpage; make sure that's turned up!

Try playing something else on your device to check if you can hear it - if not, turn up your device volume.

Try playing something else in this browser to check if you can hear it - if not, check you haven't muted your browser.

If you've tried everything above and still need help, you can get in touch by emailing or by calling 020 7739 6176.

Our current hours are 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday.