Thursday 18 - Saturday 20 July 2019


Thu 18 - Sat 20 July






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The Ditch

The 1980s. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has pronounced that 'there is no such thing as society'. DIE OR RUN is about society and politics, self-help and anxiety, big hair and 80s disco. It looks at how our mental health has been influenced by political ideology.

Praise for previous work FREE SHOW (BRING MONEY) by Hannah Ringham (Shunt) and Glen Neath (Darkfield): 'Ringham plays the audience for all she is worth... she made about £70 an hour the night I was there – and yes, she was worth it.' ★★★★ (Lyn Gardner, Guardian).

There will be a discussion about themes dealt with in the show after each performance at 9.30pm. The piece was made in conjunction with anxiety expert Dr Colette Hirsch and King’s College London. It will last approximately 20 minutes.

DIE OR RUN was made in collaboration with Alberto Ruiz Soler (Sound design), Louise Mari (Dramaturg/ outside eye) and Floro Azqueta (image/film).

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