Tuesday 13 September - Saturday 1 October 2016


Tuesday 13 Sep - Sat 1 Oct


8pm (13 - 20 Sep)
8.45pm (21 Sep - 1 Oct)




Theatre & Performance


Large Committee Room


A television journalist and a politician clash live on-air. What begins as a traditional interview slowly unfolds into a waking nightmare. A trap has been set: which side will walk into it?

A darkly comic, dystopian glimpse of Britain’s near future: experienced entirely in palindromic form.

Written by the award-winning writer and Standby For Tape Back-Up and BBC Radio Four star Ross Sutherland.

Directed by Rob Watt (Standby For Tape Back-Up). Original music by Jeremy Warmsley (Summer Camp). Production images by Alex Brenner

Commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall. Developed with the support of Shoreditch Town Hall, Metal Peterborough and Unity Theatre Liverpool.

Production Images

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